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SOS Children’s Village, Kinderperspectief, Netherlands, University of Hildesheim, Germany and Udayan Care, India have come together to host the International Care Leavers’ Convention, 2020 in a virtual format from November 23-25, 2020. The Convention aims to connect Care Leavers internationally and provide space and tools that allows to learn, share and exchange experiences, knowledge and challenges. The virtual Convention will see sessions with service providers, researchers and policy makers working with and for Care Leavers. This is an exciting opportunity for practitioners, NGOs, professionals, researchers, students and organizations to showcase their research work, promising practices, good models and insights on or with Care Leavers.

We are excited to announce the Call for Posters for the Convention. Final selected posters would be displayed on the virtual event platform/event website.

Poster presentations in all areas related to Care Leavers can be submitted. Some areas could be:

  • Promising practices or good models of work with Care Leavers.
  • Recent research studies done on Aftercare or Care Leavers.
  • Legislation, national policies, guidance and regulatory framework requirements regarding Care Leavers.
  • Process of formation and strengthening of Care Leavers’ Peer Networks.


  • Kindly send your abstract by October 31, 2020. Limited space is available and hence the organising committee will review on first come basis.
  • Final Posters (pdf) must be submitted by November 10, 2020.

Other poster submissions

Poster Contest – presentation on posters and adjudication by Jury

21st Nov, 1330 IST / 0900 CET/ 0800GMT / 1100 EAT
Anchored & Hosted By : Kinderperspectief


Final Posters

Abdullah OSKAY is a Care Leaver of the Turkish Child Protection system. He is 37 years old. He founded one of the influential NGO in Turkey for caretakers and Care Leavers. He has a dream “A world without orphanages”. Beside his contribution to civil society in many ways, he works as a top-level bureaucrat in Turkish Government.

Ankit Kumar Keshri is a PhD Scholar and Senior Research Fellow at the School of Social Work, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. His research interest includes family-based care for at-risk children and youth. Previously, he has worked with SOS Children’s Villages, as a Senior Co-worker and was located in Hojai, Assam. He can be reached at  

Bojan Krsnik, employed in SOS Children’s Villages Croatia as Leaving Care Support Expert, previously worked as a project assistant – youth expert on the Prepare for Leaving Care project, has 10 years of experience in working with young people in alternative care and juvenile mothers in exercising their rights and preparing them for leaving care and independent life. An experience in conducting group and individual counseling in the field of exercising rights from the care system, partner relationships, parenting styles and improvement of parenting skills. For many years worked on socialization and integration of young Roma into society.

Dr. Carolin Ehlke

Researcher and teacher at the University of Hildesheim, Institute for Social Work and Organizational Studies (Germany)


Research focuses and interests: Child and youth welfare  (especially foster care and leaving care), child and youth welfare in the GDR, research on transitions, socio-pedagogical professionalism


Professional career:

2007-2013: studies in pedagogic/educational science

2019: PhD (Dr. phil; title of dissertation: „Care leavers from foster families. Coping with the transition from foster care to adulthood from the young people’s point of view“)

Sr Divya Fernandez is a Social Worker with St Catherine’s Home orphanage and children’s home in India, where she has is also the housemother of the older girls helping them transition into the outside world. She has a masters in Social Work from Nirmala Niketan college, Mumbai.

The “Prepare for Leaving Care” project is a 2-year transnational project that received a Grant from the European Commission. The project consortium, coordinated by SOS Children’s Villages International (project manager Florence Treyvaud Nemtzov), included CELCIS (Center for excellence for Children’s Care and Protection) and SOS Children’s Villages national associations in Spain, Latvia, Lithuania, Italy and Croatia together with more than 30 national partners. With direct participation of care experienced young people in all key activities, the project’s key objectives were to train care professionals on how to embed a child rights-based approach to their work especially in preparation for leaving care as well as to raise awareness about the need to sustain such trainings in the long run together with key stakeholders in the field of child protection at national and international level. A spin-off project called “Leaving Care” additionally took place in Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Estonia and Austria, issuing a “Call to Action: Leave No Care Leavers Behind”.


  • Heba Kotb, The American University in Cairo
  • Nahla Elnemr, Wataneya Society for the Development of Orphanages
  • Reda Ali, Wataneya Society for the Development of Orphanages
  • Yasmine Nasef, Wataneya Society for the Development of Orphanages
  • Yosr Kotb, Wataneya Society for the Development of Orphanages

Namuyanja Ritah is a degree holder of Bachelors of Arts in Ethics and Human Rights from


Makerere University. Kampala. Uganda and an ongoing Deutsch student. She has volunteered with Action for Fundamental Change and Development in kampala. Uganda and so compassionate about matters concerning children and youths especially in the field of human rights. She is currently a caretaker of two orphans and intending to help more of such children in Uganda.

SocioFactor Ltd. was founded in the Czech Republic in 2009. It puts emphasis on practical application of knowledge gained from research, what is more, it supports the creation of positive changes in public services. There were created dozens of researches and expert studies focused on the social topics.


It contributes to public benefit, welcomes innovations, creates opportunities for an interesting work and accompanies organizations in their development. It seeks potential for socially responsible knowledges, in addition to the creation of interesting and useful application for practical use.

Martina Sabetta is an Italian Care Leaver. She is 19 years old girl from Milan, where she studies Political Science and International Relations at the university. She likes travel and meet new people. She lived for two years in residential care and now she is a Care Leaver Senior of the italian Network.
She wants to make her past and that of others the prelude to a better future.
DIletta Mauri is specialist social worker and PhD student at the Department of Psychology and Cognitive Sciences. She worked as project manager for Agevolando Association in the field of child protection, with a specific focus on participation and leaving care.

Magdalena Kępka – co-establisher and board member of “Samodzielni Robinsonowie” Foundation (the organization focuses on vocational and career management skills of foster youth, their successful transition to adulthood); responsible for fundraising in Robinson Crusoe Foundation; member, represents Poland in INTRAC-International Researchers Group on transitions to adulthood of young people leaving care.

Anna Walas – program coordinator in Robinson Crusoe Foundation; certificated youth tutor, working with teenagers from foster care; doctor of philosophy.

Laura García Alba.

PhD Student at University of Oviedo, Child and Family Research Group (Spain). Her current research focuses on supporting the transition to adulthood of young people from residential child care, although she is also interested in mental health and wellbeing issues of young people in and leaving care. She is co-author of a web-based independent living skills training tool for teenagers living in children’s homes (PLANEA Program).


She is also interested in international cooperation and networking between early career researchers, being part of the Community of Researchers in Transition (CoRiT) and a board member of the EuSARF Academy.

Federica Gullo.
Graduated in Psychology and completed a Master in Clinical and Development Psychology. She belongs to the Child and Family Research Group (GIFI), at the University of Oviedo, where collaborate on various projects. Her research is focused on topics related to the transition to adulthood, especially on the needs of young people who reached the age of majority in the childcare system in Spain, the interventions carried out to support them, their results and their satisfaction with the received benefits. She is also part of the Community of Researchers in Transition (CoRiT).

Dr. Veronika Salzburger (PhD Sociology) and Dr. Wolfgang Sierwald (PhD Psychology) are both scientific co-workers at the Socio Pedagogical Institute of SOS-Kinderdorf e.V, Germany. The research focus of the institute is practice research in the child, youth and family related welfare system. Since 2014 they both work on the SOS-Longitudinal Study, which accompanies young people in several modes of out of home care into living independently as Care Leavers. They both deal with the great amount of quantitative data sampled and longitudinal modelling. Veronika has a focus on education, relations and future perspectives, Wolfgang on participation and transitions.

Vu Thi Thuan
Coordinator of youth care and development under the national program development team of SOS Children’s Villages Vietnam – a member of SOS Children’s Villages International recognized as a nonprofit organization operating to protect and care for children and youth without parental or at risk of losing it under the alternative care model (known as family like care) and family strengthening program. She is also a focal point of YouthCan! program – a Global Initiative by SOS Children’s Villages International to strengthen youth employability in partnership with corporate partners and relevant stakeholders in Vietnam.

Purnima K Jindal

Over a decade experience working in development sector. I have worked on various projects with UNICEF, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, Ministry of Rural Development, Ministry of Skills Development & Entrepreneurships, Govt. of India. I have extended my services to children, women and especially young people. I am working with SOS Children’s Villages , International Office Asia as Regional Programme Coordinator for Youth Employability and Participation since 2018. I am responsible of youth care and development in 11 Member Associations in Asia. Together with these member associations we work towards making our young people employable and confident to face the world of work when they leave care. We work towards making our young people successful and self-reliant.


Generation Never Give Up Network Sri Lanka is the very first Asian Care Leavers Network. It was a
long process of building this network and there is a way of we organize and expand the network.

Hadeel Al-Amayreh is the Senior Communications Specialist at the Information and Research Center – King Hussein Foundation (IRCKHF), a center that mobilizes knowledge for positive social change in Jordan and the region. IRCKHF has a long history of researching and advocating for children and youth’s rights. Hadeel started as a researcher at the IRCKHF and since 2011, she has been closely involved in various projects researching children’s rights, focusing on sensitive and critical issues, and where possible using participatory action research methods with children such as in projects involving homebound girls, Syrian refugees and orphans deprived of family ties. Hadeel has more than 8 years of experience in designing, implementing and managing research, advocacy and awareness projects. Through her work as the Senior Communications Specialist, she participated in developing the first national civil society organizations (CSO) network for care leavers in Jordan, developed by IRCKHF in partnership with experts in the field of alternative care. The network came to life in 2018. Hadeel received her bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Social Work from the University of Jordan in 2010.

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